Stream Monitor for Apple TV

View your NDI streams on your Apple TV device.

View your NDI source on your Apple TV device.

Stream Monitor uses NDI 5 technology. You can view low latency video streams from your NDI cameras and other sources.

This app supports 60 fps UHD video on the Apple TV 4K (2021).

Video sources must be on your local network to be discovered and shown in the app.

Stream Monitor currently supports the full NDI format and NDI HX2 format. NDI HX1 format is not supported.

Please note that full NDI streams require a fast network connection. It is recommended that you use the gigabit ethernet connection on the Apple TV device for receiving NDI streams.

The Apple TV HD version only includes a 100 mbps ethernet port. 100 mbps may not be fast enough depending on the frame rate and resolution of the NDI stream. In this case, the WiFi connection may be preferable.